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Tony Speirs Art Bugs Bunny 2007
Tony Speirs Art Bugs Bunny 2007
Category: Wine Art
Producer: Tony Speirs Art


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“My current work here reflects my ongoing love of certain graphic forms of popular culture (old advertisements, children’s illustrations, circus posters, cartoons and comics) and my desire to utilize this playful and nostalgic imagery to address contemporary, often politically weighted issues. In addition, I’ve begun to incorporate imagery from a variety of different cultures (Japanese comics or manga, Chinese and Italian advertisements and textiles, and decorative patterns from Asia and the Middle East) to lend a world-view aspect to the narrative.

While I love a powerful statement coupled with a direct, powerful presentation, for me, humor and color and a joy in the juxtaposing of different and varied sources images is my way “IN” to a picture that, at it’s core, may express a documentation or critique of my troubled times.

I guess I’d say that I feel my pictures are most successful when a child looks and smiles at the recognition of familiar imagery (a cartoon character perhaps) and then his or her parents smile, too, but for entirely different reasons.

Just like the posters say, “Fun for the Whole Family!”

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